Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Really Good Read

A childhood friend of mine that I have reconnected with via Facebook, has started a new blog called The Redheaded Stepp Child.  I wanted to recommend it to you all.  It's not a crafty blog, but what I call a wordy blog.  lol  But it's words are thought provoking, relatable and encouraging!  I confess these days I don't read a whole lot.  My life is too full of stops and starts with all the little ones running around and by 8pm, my head is too mushy to think about anything deep!!

But I find Melanie's blog so easy to read and I have really enjoyed it.  I think you will too, so go check it out!

Oh and she gives away gift cards to Starbucks....that should be reason alone to hop on over there!  ;)

I have fond memories of Melanie, a fellow colorguard.  Always smiling always kind.  
Seems to be the same all these years later too!  :)

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AVAwedding said...

i just love you'r blogg,you are such an inspiration to me!I have a 1 year old dother and i was planning her first birthday party,and you helpped me A LOT!!thank you!!!!I'm from Europe,Romania(sorry for my english ,i speek better then I write :D,I'm in wedding planning,..I have my own bisness,but with kids it;s a lot diffrent:)


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