Monday, April 26, 2010

Homemade kid cards and a puppy pencil pouch

Turn a kids drawing into a cute little card.  This is what we do for cards lately.  I hand Kalla a rectangle piece of card stock and have her draw a picture and name (she still can't quite spell 'Happy Birthday' all by herself, so I write it out on a scrap piece of paper for her to copy).  Once she's done I cut another piece of card stock or other printed  scrap book paper slightly larger and tape the picture on top with double sided tape (how I love the invention of double sided tape...remember the days of using regular tape and looping it???).

For the party we went to this past weekend, we decided to make a cute little pencil pouch.  A super easy method in this tutorial here.  The cute dog came from a print at our local Hancocks.  They had fabrics with these adorable weiner dogs all over as well as a cat and bird one.  I bought 1/4 yard of each a few weeks ago thinking I would cut the pictures out for applique.  Kalla picked the dog for our pouch.

Along with the pouch we included a couple of Bare Books and crayons and some scratch n sniff stickers, cutsie erasers and gel other words we shopped my craft room (since this is the type of stuff I hoard keep on hand for gifts).


djjdjdjdjd said...

What a clever idea. I have never seen the Bare Books before. What exactly are they?

Deanna said...

Crystal, follow the link. They are quality blank books with hardback covers that either have a print to color or blank. My kids LOVe love love them and have gone through a bunch. They write and draw their own stories. I've just started letting Micah (4 yrs) have one since he can now draw and write. Mine take them to church almost every sun and are occupied with them most of the 1.5+ hour service!! :)


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