Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our hand painted plates

I posted the link to the cute hand painted plates in my Mother's Day gift ideas and that is exactly what we did for one gift.  One I have to mail and I don't like the thought of mailing the plates, so came up with something different for the other.  :)  But here is what my kids drew for one grandma.  I let them all totally design and draw their plates all by themselves.  We did a practice drawing on paper so they knew what they wanted to do.

Zachary, age 8, made this plate.

Kalla, age 6, draws lots of cats with tiaras and wands lately so this is what she drew.

Micah, age 4, drew Grandma and a flower.

Maressa, age 3, drew Grandma and herself with piggy tails and a big 'M'.

I thought the plates turned out so cute!  :)

A few lessons learned....I didn't realize they would want to color in everything and I ordered the fine tip markers.  And I mistakenly forgot to get yellow, pink and purple which was an issue, but they got over it.  :)

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Anna said...

oh deanna, those turned out so cute! I must make some!


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