Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dynamic Duo and others

This is the most dressed up my kids have ever been all together.  
They all knew what they wanted to be for months and never wavered.
I only had to make one costume.  I made little Miss Robin's costume.  I took a plain red tee from Hobby Lobby and ironed on the details which I made in a publisher program.  The belt and mask is felt.  Cape is some kind of no ravel polyester.  The green skirt I made by cutting up a size large adult blank tee from Hobby Lobby and used the scraps to make her arm cuffs.

This bat girl.  She's my 'but mom I don't dress up' girl.  One extreme to the other don't ya think?  She picked this costume from a catalog and insisted she would wear it.  I wasn't real convinced, but when I saw it at Target I decided to give it a try with thoughts that it would likely be returned.
Nope.  Wore it a ton.  Every piece of it.

Ready to kick some villain booty!

This one, not so original.  But all I had to buy was a Cubs jersey (which he will wear til he outgrows it).  The pants, belt and socks he wore that morning in a baseball tournament.  
He actually let me put eye-black on for the costumes sake--he's never worn it before.

Other costume fun we've had this year:
Scarecrow Maressa for her preschool fall party.  I had colored her on a scarecrow nose, but she didn't like it and rubbed it right off.  So she kinda looks more like a farmer, but that is ok.  :)

For Kalla's school she was allowed to dress up.  First grade had a theme of wearing what you want to be when you grow up.  She picked teacher.  So we put her hair in a bun, punched out the lenses from some sunglasses and tied them on a string (she mostly wore them around her neck that day).  I made a cute little A+ Teacher apple pin for her to wear on her cardigan.  She was too cute!


Mona @ la la by mona said...


I just stumbled upon your blog - sweet as can be. You have a lovely family and I knew you must live in the south because it looks so familiar to me! I also have four children (ages 4 to 18)and we live in Texas. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

Deanna said...

Mona, thank you so much for your comments! Yes, I'm a southern girl thru and thru and currently live in Northern AL. :)


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