Monday, February 14, 2011

What 4 looks like

Sweet, sassy, stubborn, energetic, fun, giggly, dramatic, smart.
Like everything glittery, twirly, makes music, chocolate and fruit.

Yesterday my number four turned 4.  I'm a day behind on everything (tomorrow will be about Valentines).
Party was a big hit on Saturday wtih 9 other energetic 3 and 4 year old girls (we invited both boys and girls from her preschool, but only girls came).

Thank Target for their wonderful, non itchy, non Disney princess dresses.  :)

Full post of party coming later this week.

For our birthday I made us cake.  Strawberry heart shaped cake with almond frosting and sprinkles. 
A friend gave me the recipe to a favorite local bakery's frosting...YUM YUM!  
Maybe I'll post the recipe soon.

I made the heart shape just like my mom did when I was a kid (use a square and round pan, assemble as show above).  She made me a heart shaped cake almost every birthday.  Once she didn't and it was a normal round one.  I was upset and she went back to the heart shape from there on out.  :)  And I wonder where Maressa get her princess-itis from.  lol

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