Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Favorite clothes: a Tea Collection review

Tea Collection is one of our favorite catalogs. So when they asked if they could send us a few things and post a review I said yes! and yes!  :)  We are already BIG fans.   They sell girls clothing, boys, babies and even womens.
We fell in love with the girl's clothing at first sight.
I love first that they sell comfortable, modest, fun clothes for the girls.  It is SO hard to find clothes especially for seven year old Kalla.  I want her to still look like a little girl without all the cutsie.
Bonus is that my VERY picky Kalla loves them.  Pretty much everything they sell.
If her Tea sets are clean they are always first to be picked out to wear.
No more fights getting ready for school in the mornings!!
The dress above was sent to us and it is just adorable and she loves it.
LOVE that it comes below her knees.  ;)
Maressa loves her new dress too.  Wore it all day!
If it doesn't  twirl, she won't wear it!
And this yellow top and skirt with pockets are just adorable.  I know this will be one of our very favorite outfits...now just for spring to come for good and we can put it in our regular rotation.  :)
Loving this green dress.  Kalla wore it to school layered with tee and some jeans.  As it warms we'll do leggings and in the summer heat just by itself!

And the last thing I love is that the quality is excellent which is very important when everything Kalla gets will be handed down and the style will never go out.

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zakkalife said...

I just recently discovered Tea Collection and I agree, their clothes are adorable. Love the striped dress!

Cute pics :)


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