Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Snacks

Doesn't take much for huge smiles around here!
All I have to say the words "special snack today!"
Sometimes it's something baked. 
Favorites are homemade cookies, homemade granola bars, homemade salsa and chips,
freshly baked Fiber One blueberry muffins and popcorn.
Other times it's just something simple and sweet.
These vanilla pudding cups with smashed oreos on top were a huge hit!
Just minutes to make.
Got a big "thanks mom!" for this one!!  :)

Will be sharing some more of our yummy special snacks in the our fluffer nutter candy. :)


On another note.  I've been yet again MIA.
As a brief explanation, I've been back at my sister's house, went on church Ladies Retreat, been fighting the stomach bug for the last 2 weeks in our house (I was the lucky one to get it twice.)
Among all that I've been lazy with the blogging. 
 I don't know if other have the same problem, but if I can't post regularly I kinda lose my blogging mojo. 
 I have the hardest time getting back.
Instead I am usually using the time to keep up with laundry, reading with the kids, writitng cursive letters with the older two and helping Maressa to learn to write her name. 


Nicole said...

Deanna I just love seeing your pix of your kiddos. I have 2 boys 2 girls as well & your blog keeps me going. You inspire me with your creativity & your obvious passion for motherhood. Sorry to hear all you've been battling. I'm sure that anyone who reads your blog understands that you've got your priorities straight! :) I for one am thrilled with whatever you give us! Thank you!!!

Deanna said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Nicole. Isn't having 2 and 2 just the best. I like to tell everyone "we ordered them that way" We feel very very blessed. :)


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