Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My newest treasures......
I've been meaning to share all my wonderful thrifted finds over the last months...I think some from before Christmas.  Most still are in their 'potential' form.  I've not decided what I wanna do with them all yet, so don't judge their raw form. Sometimes it takes months or a year before I really know especially since I tend to move them around  until they meet their semi-permanent home (let's face it we rarely leave something in the same space forever...and you shouldn't!)

I admit I'm guilty of mostly painting everything white.  I'm trying to get more fun/gutsy. 
Maybe this needs to be turquoise instead.  :)

Thinking this vintage file cabinet might need a decoupage treatment.

This super cool vintage dressser/cabinet will be white though.  It's going beside my bed.
Look at how the lower 2 compartments have hinged doors.  The top 2 are shallow drawers.

Got this sweet school desk at Goodwill...Micah LOVES it.
This red star glass lantern is thrifted, globe from Good will, 'HOME' is from clearance Hobby Lobby and little owls are Target dollar section.

I have some more things that are in a closet waiting to find a perfect home.

For now I'm still trying to get my orange laundry closet finished.  :)


djjdjdjdjd said...

You have some great finds! So glad you finally shared them:o)

Christy said...

Love the old dresser thing with the hinged openings. That is cool. I never get lucky to find things like that. Guess I don't go into Goodwill often enough!

Christy said...

By the way, on the "Leave your comment" statement, "here" is spelled wrong - might want to change it. ;)

Deanna said...

Thanks sis...I changed it. :)


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