Monday, May 16, 2011

Beginnings of a bedroom makeover

Time for a change.  I'm aiming to spruce up and change my bedroom a bit this summer.  I'm going from way colorful to a more sophisticated gray.  I hope.  The walls are apple green with lots of red in my room too.  I don't want to have to paint the bedroom (unlike the other bedrooms, this is a large room with high took me like 2 years to paint it originally!)  But I wanted a little bit plainer bed.  Problem with changing up the bed is that we have a giant king sized bed.  Bedding is not cheap in that size!  But I found this wonderful gray quilt on the clearance aisle at Target.  Perfect.  Then I did some online fabric shopping to make pillow cases and shams.  The fabric didn't turn out how it looked online and the 2 color pattern is looks actually brown instead of gray, but I think I can make it work.

And no, the most excellent elephant teapot is not necessarily for my bedroom, but I was SOOOO excited to scoop up the last one at Target he got in the photo too.  I saw those things on an ad or something and was VERY moved that this was just something that I really needed in my life.  Was bummed when I went to find one and they were gone.  And lo and behold, my next shopping trip I found one lovely teal elephant waiting to go home with me.  :)

Here's what I'm living with now.  I loved loved my funky painted headboard, but now it's time for change.  
(If you are looking to paint or wallpaper a headboard and want the template for this shape you can find it here and article here).  
I really want a modern white leather tufted headboard, but not patient enough to save the $$$ for that. 
 I think I've got a DIY solution (that doesn't require a saw) I'm going to try as soon as school is out.

This summer the boys' room is getting a total makeover too.  Just need to decide which color to paint.

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