Thursday, June 16, 2011

What a princess wants a princess gets: a felt princess tiara tutorial

A few request came from Miss Princess Maressa recently.
And who can say no to this adorable face??
She wanted a pink cape with a big 'M' on it.
Just like her brothers' capes.
Tutorial here.
And to go alone with such a fancy cape, a comfy princess crown/tiara.
So many of those plastic ones frustrate my 4 year old who claims they either hurt, or don't stay on.
So I thought a felt one would solve both problems.  :)

Here's the tutorial:
I started with a favorite plastic crown.  I took a piece of paper, foled in half and drew a likeness.

I cut this out and traced it onto stiff white felt.

Using this template, I cut 2 in the stiff felt and one in thick batting/interfacing.

Then I added thesilver rick rack and some sewn on felt layers.
I also made an elastic band with white cotton fabric and elastic.

Then I placed the layers together with batting in the middle and the elastic band on one side and sewed the layers together leaving the other end open.

Then I used a strong craft glue to add lots of bling bling.
Once dried I sewed the otehr end with the elastic band inside.

She quickly wore it the very next morning at breakfast.


Anne said...

What a pretty pretty tiara!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


zakkalife said...

Great tutorial! I really like how you combined the rhinestones with the felt. All the crowns I've seen in the past are usually just felt.

Crystal said...

very very cute!

djjdjdjdjd said...

S.R. has been begging for a princess cape here lately, so I guess I will be following your lead, and getting to the tiara!


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