Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cute Little Mini Mushroom Notebooks~Make your own~And other Garden party favors

I made these fun little notebooks for party favors for Kalla's Garden Brunch bday party this past summer.
They were super easy and I thought they turned out super cute!

First I got these mini comp books I found at Target...I think a 3-pack was a dollar or something.

I put them down on a colored card stock paper and traced around the edges to get the curved corners.
Then I cut out one for both front and back sides.
Used mod podge to glue them to the front and back.

Then I cut a 1" strip from the red polka dot paper in the length of the notebook binding.
To make attaching it easier I creased the edges before gluing down.

Then I used a scallop punch on a punch of white card stock and found this cute mushroom stamp at Hobby Lobby.
Glued them on top of the notebook. 

Once everything was glued down and dried a bit, I gave the entire thing a good coat of mod podge to make it nice and sealed.

You could of course stamp anything on or any cute picture.  
Would make a fun gift or stocking stuffers (yep I'm afraid it's time to start that Christmas crafting!)

Also made cute little zipper pouches with this great Michael Miller print I got on
Here's a super easy tutorial on how to make them.  :)

At first Kalla used hers to hold her bday cash.
Then she spent all of it, the last bit on a simple mp3 player of which is now stored neatly in the gnome pouch.


HelenG said...

So cute!

ledenika said...

nice idea! I love this picture of a mushroom))


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