Friday, October 28, 2011

Just a little fallish

I finally got around to putting a few fall decorations up.
I saw a felt leaf garland in this book.
I made this one in fallish colors.
Thinking I will have to make one for Christmas too.
It was SO quick and easy.
And in the dining room a few non traditional pumpkins.
I found these great fake pumpkins at Target.
I decided to spray paint them white.
One got the polka dot treatment and the other some embellishment.
I used glue dots to attach the trims as I didn't want to commit to leaving them forever.
Plus some of it is vintage lace that I may want to use for something else later.  ;)
And lastly, in our playroom.
This one the kids made.

The idea from here.
The kids really loved making these.
Then I punched holes and put them on a string to hang up.

This weekend I hope to paint our pumpkins like this.  :)

1 comment:

zakkalife said...

I love the pumpkins with the sewing trim. Seriously cute!


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