Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Day Off, aka PJ Party

This past Friday the kids were out of school for Veteran's Day.
I knew immediately what we'd do with our day.
I looked forward to it all week.
It was pj day.  All day.
I even wore my matching jammies.
I pushed back the couch in the playroom and let them pile as many blankets, pillows and stuffies in the floor for movie time.
You'd thought I had bought them a pony or something with how happy this made them.

We watched one of my fav movies, Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
I had to forward through Aslan's scene.

At our very informal lunch time we mostly snacked on chex mix and nachos.
(If you knew how anal I am about my kids eating you'd know how very special this was!)

And we made crafts.
We attempted to make these adorable napkin rings, but some of the kids pooped out of gluing buttons.

They did enjoy making some turkeys.
We simply took some coffee filters, folded them in half and colored them.
I then took 2 extra filters and stuffed them in between the colored one and stapled them together.
Then we glued a clothespin for the turkey body and used wood markers to draw their faces.

Look mommy, we're Kuzco!

Squeeckity, squeeck, squeecken.
(This is one of our fav movies.)

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djjdjdjdjd said...

Love the turkeys! I think we will be making these when the kids wake up from their nap! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Oh how fun! And Izma is my hero! I want to be her someday. Haha - she tries to be wicked, but she just can't! Thanks for sharing.

zakkalife said...

We did the same thing, hung out in our PJ's and it was great. It's nice to just lounge around the house once in a while.

The turkeys look great. I especially like that some cupcake liners were used for extra feathers.


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