Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Friday

I didn't get around to doing a photo a day this week.
Nor did I get around to blogging.
Those Monday holidays really threw me off.
Tuesdays are really busy.
Then the week rolls by really fast.
Now it's Friday.
This little chick is my regular Friday sidekick.
I'm going to really miss our days together next year when she goes to kindergarten.
OH speaking of, my baby is turning 5 in a month.
Not sure I can handle it.
Especially on top of it being my 'last' know the one.
We don't need to mention it further.
There will be awesome cake though.
Last Friday in a long series of running errands with said sidekick, I finally got a new bible.
And a pretty one too!
I prefer the NASB and my 11 yr old one was falling apart and missing some chapters in Genesis.
Time for a new one.
Was so happy to find one in turquoise!
 I am participating in a fabulous ladies study on James.  It is a Beth Moore study.
Never done one of her studies before, but I'm impressed!
I just finished the first project of the year (not pictured) and will share it on Monday.
Here is the beginning of project #2.
The craft closet.
It used to be a very small half bath before the previous owners remodeled.
So it's a nice sized closet.
But I really hate painting these kind of doors.
But every time I see this post pinned on Pinterest, I cringe of the ugly putty color (I painted the outside, but lazily left the inside).
This is about half of what came out...spread all over my dining room.
I now painted the inside of the closet.
Over the wallpaper.
I just didn't have it in me to peel anymore wallpaper in this house!
But this will do.
Maressa happily kept me company while coloring.
Then a coffee cake break.
I was getting a little high from the fumes in that tiny space!
This year we have 3 kids playing basketball.
We do Upward.
Three games tomorrow morning.
Matt coaches all three!
Next project.
Craft room clean out.
Hoping to fit some stuff in the closet as this small room is busting at the seams!

On another note, check out this video!
I can't tell you how much my kids are loving it (especially the dog loving 6 yr old!)
Oh and we are VW owners as well.

My very first minivan.  I got it this summer.  I admit, I'm a convert!


Nicole said...

Hi Deanna - I just love your posts! Every time i check in & there's a new one I get excited. Your makeover ideas, craft ideas, party ideas-several have made their way into my home! I too am a mom of 4, an Upwards mom, a Beth Moore girl(luv her!)- just wanted you to know how you inspire me. I even recently got a new Bible-a big splurge on me! Pink&purple leather. hopefully will make me open it more!! :)Thanks for the little peeks into your life. luv them

Deanna said...

Thank you so much for sharing with me! Your sweet comments really mean a lot to me. How old are your four?


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