Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Make your own Cheesecake bar and Father’s Day

cheesecake3-pmFor Father's Day we had a yummy dinner (chicken teriaki kabobs) and for dessert I set up a simple make your own cheesecake toppings bar.
I made this super simple.
I bought a small frozen cheesecake and laid out some toppings.
Chocolate and caramel syrups, cherry pie filling, mini choc chips, butterfinger flavored ice cream toppings and toasted coconut.

I love cherry cheesecake, but my kids don't.
So I figured this way everyone could get their favorites.
As we were enjoying, I realized this could be cool to set up for a party.

This was the big favorite way to eat their slice.

Me, just give me cherry pie filling and chocolate.
Mmmm, mmm!

We had a laid back Father's Day.
He chose to spend the evening with the kids...reading to the girls and playing 'indoor' baseball with the boys.
Good times!

BTW, I have fallen in love with PicMonkey.  Been playing around with all the picture enhancements.  FUN!  FUN!


Erika said...

as soon as I sow the first pic I thought Picmonkey :)) I just discovered it my self a few days back,loveee it!I love your pictures!Love your blog for a loooong time,just so you know!:)

Deanna said...

Thanks Erika! I am such a lazy photo editor. But I really like when blogs have the fun fancy pics for tutorials and I've wanted to go that direction. It's really hard to find time to photograph interesting things and download and blog them, much less time to make them pretty...lol

Anyway, I really appreciate that you take time to comment on my lil ole blog. :)


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