Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sew it: Satin Pillowcases

My oldest daughter has long hair.
She inherited her mother’s wavy fine hair.
It tangles quickly and easily.
Especially in bed.
So I thought of a way to try to help the morning, brushing-the-hair tears.
Satin pillowcases.

For ours we decided to make a pretty and decorative on one side with quilters cotton and the other side the smooth satin for sleeping.
Both girls of course wanted one of these special pillow cases.
I let them pick a print from my sewing room to match their solid satin side.

To make pillowcases, I always start by using another pillowcase in the house to get my measurements.
Normally I use the fabric twice as wide as a standard pillowcase and just have 2 seams to sew up, but since we are using 2 different fabrics I cut two rectangles.
Then because I was working with satin that ravels terribly, I decided to use french seams.
To start place both sides wrong sides together and sew along both long sides and one short side (be sure to leave one side open).

Then cut very carefully and closely to the seam.


Now flip inside out and I iron all the seams flat.

Now sew a generous sized seam along the three sewn edges.
The raw edge should now be encased inside the new seam.
Flip back right side out and check along the seams.
If you have a spot sticking out, just go sew along the seam in that area to make sure to cover the raw seam.

Now you will make the open side with a large hem.
I didn’t measure the exact size of this as I was using an old pillow case as a guide.  If you want exact measurements just ask and I’ll measure it when we get home.


The girls love their new special pillowcases!

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Michelle E. said...

I don't know if I've ever commented before but I love your blog! Am going to try to make a pillowcase or two for DD -- satin! Why didn't I think of that?! ;) Thanks!


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