Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kids Art: Magazine Collages and gift

Over summer break the kids and I did this art project.
I was inspired by a picture my nephew did for my mom that hung in her guest room while I was there recently.
Actually I was there to pick up my nephews and niece to come visit us for a week. 
We did this project while they were here.
I love many things about this project.
I loved that even the 5 yr old could do it all by herself.
I loved that it kept them busy for a long time…some of them a few days even.
I loved that it involved lots of cutting and pasting…not too messy, but messy enough for the kids to enjoy. 

We used my old magazines, old kids magazines and catalogs.
They poured over all of them finding just the right things that interested them.
It took Micah the Perfectionist a while to really get into it.
I even tried helping him and making suggestions when I came across a picture. 
I even found a big green bean (family joke…he didn’t think it was funny).
After they glued down all their pictures onto a canvas with mod podge, we glued down letters to spell their name.
They love their new artwork and they are all hanging in their rooms.

And it was the daddy’s bday.  So we collaborated and made him his own.
I’m thinking this will make great grandma and grandpa gifts as well.
We’ll be doing some more for sure!

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