Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Luke, Susan, Alice and a Storm Trooper

Hello there!
Just popping by to share my characters.  :)

Meet Susan Pevensie of Narnia

Alice in Wonderland (had a bit of injury during the fall down the rabbit hole).

Luke Skywalker

And of course a Storm Trooper

Sorry for the absence.  I guess you guys are used to the fact I come and go.  :)
Life and laziness get in the way.

Been busy painting the house up a storm.  Living room and kitchen getting a bit of a redo. 
The kids and I are crafting our way through Christmas gifts.
And I've had some luck thrifting.
So will be sharing all that hopefully soon.

And oh, I am over an Instagram now.
Due to my love of anything visual, I take lots of pics.
So if you are so inclined to keep up with me and my kidsand projects between my blog posts you can follow me at:   dmbender73

Photo: Civic duty calling! Did you exercise your right to vote? Tell the world by swapping out your profile pic for a day with this proud declaration: I Voted!
Oh and happy Election Day!
Today I did 2 very important things....had my first mammogram and voted.
One was more painful than the other!  ;)

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