Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lunches for the Queen of Picky


Ok, so she's not exactly picky in the traditional sense.
She's actually a good eater for a 5 yr old, but unlike my other kiddos, a sandwich for lunch will just not do.

She's not a huge bread eater (weird I know!)  Unless it's sweet cornbread or muffins or the like.
So coming up with lunch to send to school has been a challenge.

I've tried variations of the cold cut lunch with ham and cheese tortilla wraps or homemade lunchables.
But they come home mostly uneaten.

So we've moved to hot in a thermos type lunches.
She doesn't really do soup, so I've had to be creative.

So thought I'm surely not alone in this dilemma and would share our current hot lunch list:

Maressa's Thermos Lunches

*Mac n cheese (an obvious choice, but not my fav since she will only eat the neon powdered cheese kind which on occasion is fine, but don't like her to eat it daily)
with a side of bite sized ham to eat with it

*Whole wheat egg noodles and chicken (current fav--directions on how I prepare it at bottom of post)

*chili (bean-and-chunky-anything-less) served with side of shredded cheese to sprinkle on top and sweet cornbread and crackers

*taco meat served again with cheese and tortilla chips

*scrambled eggs and cheese

*grilled chicken pieces with side of bbq sauce for dipping (I don't send breaded chicken nuggets or anything like that due to the fact it gets soggy)

*spaghetti and mini meatballs

So there you have it.  Husband says she's spoiled with these gourmet lunches, but it's often leftover dinner stuff.  Or I make a weeks worth of chicken and noodles at one time to just heat up in the mornings...actually quicker and easier than making a sandwich.  And her thermos is always completely empty when she gets home.  And she doesn't have the I'm still hungry crankiness after school. ;)

Easy & Quick Chicken and Noodles

Cook wheat egg noodles in water according to directions. 
Stir in some butter and sprinkling of garlic powder and black pepper.
Cut up chicken into bite sized pieces (I use a rotisserie chicken from grocery store deli)
Toss and serve.  :)


Holly said...

If only my child would eat half of that for lunch! We send berries and tomatoes, hopeful she will eat the cheese stick or dip some pretzels in peanut butter for protein. How does the cheesey eggs do after transport?

Deanna said...

Holly, technically these are just our fav kid friendly dinners I've made for lunches (or leftovers). Maressa is our big meat eater of the family :) Also, peanut butter is not allowed at her school because of classmates allergies. As far as the eggs, I haven't actually made them for lunch yet, but it's on the list. I would think they would be just fine as we eat ours really cheesy and a bit mushy (we don't like like well done eggs). All the thermos does is keep it all warm til lunch and she says it always is.

Tara said...

I just found your blog and love it!!! So many ideas you have to share. Looking forward to your post about homemade Christmas gifts.

zakkalife said...

My daughter is the same way! At first I tried making bentos but it took way too long. I might have to steal a few ideas from you ;)

Parties Oraganiser Jaipur said...

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