Thursday, January 31, 2008


The dinosaur room! It's almost done! Here are the volcanos:
The wallies are wonderfully colorful and not too cutsie. I got them on eBay. The inspiration for this volcano scape came from our Company Kids catalog. I will put instructions for how I did my volcanos at the end of this post. Also if you are looking for great kids/toy storage for small amount of money, the large galvanized buckets found at Home Depot are great (and can be painted) and so are the $4.99 canvas collapsible bins in the storage/closet organization section at Target. Also finished some simple curtains. Lined with black out fabric of course. ;)
Painted the dresser. White with red drawers.

Here is a simple how to for the volcano scape. Pretty simple to do.
I made my own stencil by taping up a roll of craft paper and drawing the volcanos. Then I took it down and cut it out, being careful to leave the top perfect. Then I used my level and taped off a straight bottom and taped up the stencil.Because true red is a translucent paint, to reduce the number of coats I used a gray primer. Be sure to use a small roller and roll down from the stencil. It's ok if it curls up as long as you roll down from it with each stroke touching the stencil. Then after it dried, I painted the red. After that was dry I was able to attach my dinosaurs and Zachary wanted some smoke coming up from the volcano, so I drew that in with a paint brush and acrylic black paint.

Now I just need to finish painting the desk to match the dresser and set some sheets of metal to hang on the wall. Will post back pics when it's all done!

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