Monday, January 7, 2008

Don't adjust your monitor!

I've been painting. The boys room and here is the new color. Yes that is a neutral creamy off white. Those who know me are in shock that I would paint anything neutral! I'm generally known for my bright colored house. We bought a new house a year and a half ago almost and I've been working and working to get it 'my style'. Every room needs a new coat of paint. But for Christmas, Zachary asked for a dino room. He wanted dino sheets, a cool dino lamp and those wall sticky things. He also asked for me to paint his room red, his fav color. Now I don't object to a red room...I LOVE red rooms and plan for our front/music room to be red when I get to it. But the boys room is kinda small for such a deep color. Not to mention I have plans for other red rooms in the house and what a pain red is to paint. Plus I had this can of cream already with no use for it (we bought it to paint over all the bright colors in our old house when we were selling it, but sold it before we ever got to paint). So the boys room will be a nice shade of off white with bold red furniture instead. Z inherited his dad's old desk that I will paint red. The boys quilts are red. And I'm doing red volcanoes on the wall. This will be posted about when I'm done with the room. So I can deal with the bland wall color, because by the time I'm done with his room, it will be anything but bland and the coolest dino room in town. ;)

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