Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make your own baby legwarmers

I love the look and ease of the baby leg warmers. I bought some of the fancy boutique ones last winter and loved them. I wanted more colors this year (to add to our current stash) and came across directions to make them!!! All ya need is some cute women's knee highs.
Just cut the foot off and take a 2.5" section of the foot to make a cuff for the cut end. Here is a picture of the sock with foot cut off and the cuff section, one folded and one not. Then you fold the section of the foot in half, right side out. Pin the edges of the cuff and cut end of the sock together and sew. Serge or zigzag if desired. Turn down cuff and you are done!

Simple as that! Here are some that I made from sock picked up at Target. They came in a 2 pack. Can't wait to make a jumper to match the polka dotted one!

I've had some good quality (not quaNTITY, but quaLITY ;) time in the sewing room here lately and blogger wasn't working right for me yesterday, so I'll be sharing plenty more this week.


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Love it! :)


kim said...

So cute! I'm definitely going to have to try that because I just can't pay what they go for.

Katie said...

Cool idea, I love leg warmers by they always seem to be knitted, and I don't know how to do that. Love this, even I can do this, and with all the socks out there...endless possibilities!


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