Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thinking about Thanksgiving Day 1

The next few days I'm going to share Thanksgiving ideas. I'm working on Thanksgiving stuff now because we are traveling for the holiday. The trick is we are not going to a relative's house, but to a cabin in the Smokies for the long weekend. My whole family (2 sisters, their families and my mom and her hubby) will be together. So somebody has to bring some festive-ness! ;)

The other day I made special treats to take. My kids aren't big pie fans so I thought it would be fun to make all the kids (my 4 plus 3 cousins) a special dessert for Thanksgiving.
I made these turkey cookies using the recipe in this post (you MUST try this recipe, it is the best I've ever had. It is NOT a sugar cookie, not sure where the recipe came from, but we've been making these cookies for Christmas since I was a kid). Since my life is hectic, I made these in advance and put them in the freezer. These cookies freeze very well. You can freeze frosted or plain to frost later. If you want to frost them before freezing you MUST use a true royal icing recipe that has the meringue powder so they harden up well. After decorating, let sit out a whole day or overnight to harden before stacking. After mine were hard, I stacked them in freezer bags and put bags in a tupperware in the freezer to prevent crushing. Of course I had to eat the turkey who lost his head last night! yum yum!

Oh and a few other random things:

*the pj pants....I just used a random pant pattern. My kids are so skinny I really just altered the lengths for them each using a pair of purchased pj pants they already had. The pants pattern I used was a girl's and kinda wide legged/flared, so to make them more 'manly' I did a straighter leg tapering at the ankle (flare looks very strange on boys...lol). Simple hem on bottom, elastic waist and buttons/bows are all to them.
*the magnets were a huge hit...I'm so thankful because you never know, ya know. And I spent a large amount of time making them all.


Peggy said...

Those look almost too pretty to eat!

annamae said...

those are so cute and look yummy too! i'll have to try the recipe :)

Beth said...

Those cookies look so yummy! I'm going to have to take a gander at your recipe! Beth

Abbie S-Dyer said...

oh i love how you did them...these are my favorites!


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