Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The lined zippered pouch~a how-to

Here is the lined zipper pouch I just made. It is an easy quick gift and could be used for holding pencils, small crafts, makeup, lots of things! I did photos while making it and here are some quick instructions. I just made this up on a whim as I went, so you may know of a better way to make one. But mine came out just as I'd hoped, which is rare for trying things a first time. Also this is my second time working with zippers and this was still SUPER easy. So anyway, I'm sharing how I did mine. :)

You need:

2 cut rectangles 11.5" x 10"
9" zipper

After cutting out, place right sides together and sew down the 10" sides.

Now reverse the fabric and iron down seams. Center, pin and sew zipper to right side.
Fold fabric lining on outside and do the same.

I wanted mine to have curved edges, but you can make them straight if you like. I simply drew a curve from the top part of the zipper (be sure to sew to enclose the ends of the zipper.
Before you sew the sides, it is a bit easier if you open the zipper a bit.

The ends of the zipper should fold down under the stitch. Then you reverse your pouch and you are done! If you like tie a piece of ribbon to the zipper (heat the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to seal and prevent fraying). If for a gift, include some crafty stuff like stamp kit, or nice pencils or pens or other appropriate supplies. :)


carrie said...

Sweet! I was just telling myself today that I wanted to make one of these for my sis in law. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I was looking for a tutorial on a bag just like this for my kids for when we travel! I want to put their monogram on the outside in felt or fabric... thanks for posting this! Seems super easy!


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