Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kid Art Pockets: The Drawing Wallpaper Solution

Does your child's room look like this? Walls wallpapered with their drawings? Do they go through miles of scotch tape? Do you fear for your paint?

If so here is the solution for you! The Super Art Pocket 300!
It is over 60" of art display capability! Art is not damaged and can be removed and inserted easily! No scotch tape is used! User can change out art on a whim!

Ok, seriously. :) Kalla has been covering the wall above her top bunk bed for some time now. Much scotch tape has been used and it is still relatively new paint. So I came up with this solution. Because it is over her bed I worry about cork boards and stick pins getting into her bed. So if you'd like to make your own art pocket, the directions are following:

Our pocket is nice and long. I used pink twill fabric and cut it 25" X 64". The pockets are made of clear vinyl cut in 2 strips of 10" X 62". You of course can change the sizes to suit your needs.
First I laid one pocket on top of the pink leaving about an inch on the sides and bottom. Then you take the bottom edge and fold it to hem over the bottom edge of the vinyl. Sew it down. Go ahead and sew down a similar hem along the top edge without any vinyl.
Now place your second strip about 2" above the bottom pocket. Take a piece of bias tape and cut it the length of your strip. Pin the bias along the bottom edge of the second pocket and sew down (this helps keep the plastic from tearing away from the stitches and it's near impossible to sew right on top of the vinyl.

Now fold the sides up and hem the sides enclosing the pocket sides. Since these pockets are so long you'll notice if you hold it all up the pockets bow out.

So to fix that and avoid the whole sewing on top of the vinyl thing, I hand sewed a 3 buttons along the top of each pocket. They keep the long pockets from poking down and still art can be slid all along underneath them so there is potential for many many drawing layered up in the pockets.
To hang, I simply fixed grommets along the top. One on each edge and one above the 3 buttons I had already evenly spaced. I then used nails to hang the art pocket on the wall in the grommet holes. :)

Tomorrow, the girl's princess room reveal.


zakkalife said...

Lol, oh yes I know all about this. Usually you can hear me screaming, "use the painter's tape". What a great idea to protect the walls and give children the freedom to display their art work.


Anonymous said...

that's a cool idea! My boys would love this.

Anne said...

brilliant!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Heather said...

You are so smart--love the pockets idea. Congratulations on your new big girl.


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