Monday, January 25, 2010

Lil Miss Cupcake

This is Lil Miss Cupcake.  She's super easy to make.  :)  Just need a few scraps of fabric and some felt.

Just cut out 2 felt cupcake frosting hair, brown rectangle and draw some legs and arms on fabric with water soluble pen.  Sew along the drawn lines of the arms and legs leaving the ends open.

  Turn them out.

Then stuff them.

Sew the frosting hair to the brown cupcake body.

On other end, sew down the legs securely.

Do the same with the arms.  If you care to embellish the front with ribbon or whatever, do that before sewing the arms and legs.  I also sewed a bow on the hair at this point too.

Now sew both sides together leaving a good sized opening to turn it out.  Once you turn it out, stuff the doll well and hand sew the opening together.  This would make a sweet Valentines gift for your little cupcake!  ;)

Still didn't get that sewing room back together.  Too busy with basketball game, church, playing with kids, cat napping and just being lazy!  ;)  Now to help them practice piano, check homework, clean the kitchen and watch more Pink Panther with the kids and show them the Ant and the Aardvark...ahhh the nostalgia.  :)

** Tomorrow come back for the SWEET! giveaway!

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Misty @Creative Itch said...

Oh my heck...this is SO CUTE!


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