Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Valentines are done and sent!!

Bear Valentines for Kalla's class.  Had her write the message, then scanned it and printed on red card stock and cut out hearts around it.  Then she wanted to decorate the hearts more with crayons.  :)

Shovels and Milk Chocolate Raisins for Micah's class.

Vanilla Rolled cookies for the teacher's

Lots of construction paper for our far away loved ones.

Here is the short list of some of my fav Valentines I saw out there this year:

Penquin Oreo Valentines....I'm SO doing this next year!!
Matchbox can get white tiny paper boxes from Oriental Trading to eliminate worry of using real matchboxes that once housed matches.  :)


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

So cute - love these!

zakkalife said...

Your bear Valentines are really cute. And what a clever idea to scan your daughter's handwriting for the cards. Wish I saw this earlier. I would have done that for my daughters signatures. Signing 40 cards was just a little too much for my 4 year old.

Thanks for sharing a link to the guitar Valentines. :)


Our 3 Blessings said...

Where did you ge the shovels...I really like that idea?

Deanna said...

I believe I found these shovels at Target last year. I know they have their sand toys out right now. You could also try eBay and Oriental Trading for inexpensive shovels.


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