Monday, February 15, 2010

My 'If you Give a Cat a Cupcake' Party

This past Saturday my baby turned 3 (won't say how much I turned!  we share the same bday).  We celebrated with a cupcake bash, more specifically inspired by the book If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.

I didn't capture a bunch of photos as it was a crazy day other than the party and I was kinda frazzled by party time!  And I ran out of time/steam to do some of the details I had planned. But here is the essence of the pretty simple party (by my standards at least ;) we had.

The party favors and a party sign.  It's hard to see but on my metal board I took white cupcake liners and attached chipboard letter stickers to the inside and a magnet to the back for the birthday banner.  The top of my buffet I put a piece of striped wrapping paper (from Target dollar spot).  The party favors were simply cupcake boxes, sunglasses and roller stamps from Target and the cupcake aprons I made.  Cupcake centerpiece how to is here.

Food table covered with inexpensive polka dot sheet from Walmart (I used it first for this party).   Toddler snacks consisting of granola bars, string cheese, popcorn and fresh fruit.  Mommy food of veggies and ham and spinach wraps.  Apple juice or water to drink (Maressa only drinks water, but I put out the juice for friends).  I made simple white cupcakes and chocolate frosting and a small batch of low-fat lemon cupcakes...more on those later.

The main table was set with more colorful wrapping paper and white paper place mats.  I put a coloring page at each seat for them to do as guests arrive.  We of course had a bit more elaborate craft to do later.

After the coloring was done, we glittered.

I found these wooden cupcake ornaments at Hobby Lobby.  They colored them then glittered them.  We put magnets on the back then cut off the string to make cupcake magnets.

Next I read the book to them in another room. Then we played some games with a small parachute.  They seemed to really love that...running underneath it, hiding underneath and popping balls all over.  Didn't get any pictures though as the 'photographer' was the book reader and coordinator of the parachute fun.

Finally we had cupcakes.  Totally forgot to fix the ice cream like we did at this party, so we skipped it.

Once everyone had a cupcake we passed the sprinkles around.  :)

For more ideas on this themed party, I posted some other things a year ago here.  :)

2 comments: said...

Another adorable party! You are so creative:) I love all the little details that you think of. I plan to post pictures from our candy party that I copied from you soon.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a sweet party!Love all the co-ordinaated details - makes for an extra special celebration. How wonderful that you both share the same day.


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