Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Reading Cube

We had this dark brown wood cube forever.  Don't know where it came from or what it was really for.  (Sorry for the washed out pic...I took it in a hurry outside right before painting it, but you can get the drift.)  I used it some as a ball bucket for the kids or blocks (but it was really too deep for little ones to get things out of the bottom).  Or sometimes on it's side as a side table.  But the other day I had an idea.

I decided to give it a coat of white paint and add some wheels.  I had these wheels already from a local mod podge type store (for the locals it was Mike's Merchandise) that I bought without even knowing what I would do with them yet.  I cheated and used Gorilla glue to attach them to the bottom after wrestling with difficult holes and a drill.

So now it is to house the kids magazines and some popular books they like to sit and read in the living room.

Simple and sweet!!  And I think even Snoopy approves!  ;)


djjdjdjdjd said...

what a good idea! i love it when I have those AHA moments:o)

Fawn said...

That's awesome! I really like how it looks made to go between those chairs... and I know how nice it is to have the book & mag clutter out of sight, but accessible! Very cute.


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