Thursday, July 8, 2010

For the love of markers

We have gotten brave.  I think we are past these kind of hijinks.  So we've got out the markers and collected new ones.  Still the only ones Maressa is allowed to have access to are only washable markers.

So, we have a bit of marker infatuation here.  And are loving that they make markers for just about any surface these days.  We've used the fabric markers quite a lot in projects like here and here.

The top set of markers are markers made to draw on foam sheets.  Awesome.  Can't tell you how many projects the kids do with sheets of foam and scissors.  The latest was a bone shaped tag to go on a stuffed dogs collar.  If you use regular markers to write on foam it rubs right off.  The markers made to use on the foam does not.  Happy boy, happy stuffed dog named Fred.

Newest set of markers we have got were GEL markers I found at Target.  

They leave a sheen on the color when they dry.

And make awesome pictures on darker colored papers.
The girls love, love, love them!  
I bet they will make for cool outerspace and underwater pictures as well.
Oh and they are washable!!  Perfect.

And lastly, we got some markers for wood.  And these cool wiggly blank wood snakes too.  If you use regular markers on wood, they bleed and rub off.  They are so nice for crafting on the go...the 3 youngest kids made theirs while we had a long day at the ballpark during Z's all-star tournament.

The markers for wood do not bleed and once dry do not rub off.  Perfect for making little wood people faces and draw on clothes.  :)

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