Monday, August 24, 2009

Stuffies and Pillows with kid art

As you know I really like homemade gifts. I'm trying to involve the children more in making things for others. So when it was time to send something to my niece who was turning 2 years old, I enlisted Kalla's help in making a gift. We made a unicorn stuffie (and I made an initial tee as well). I had Kalla draw a unicorn (one of her fav things to draw) on a piece of pink twill fabric with fabric markers. Then I carefully cut around the drawing trying to keep a little of it's shape. Then I placed that piece face down on top of another piece of twill fabric and cut a piece to match. Then I sewed them together leaving a hole to stuff it. Then of course you just reverse the piece and sew up the hole. Voila handmade cute stuffie.

When drawing the unicorn the first time, Kalla got too close to the edge for me to make a good shaped stuffie with it, so we turned it into a rectangle pillow instead and she kept this one for herself (since she wrote a 'K' on it anyway).

Of course, Zachary wanted to make one too. ;)

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Anna said...

these are too cute! My daughter oldest would love to do this!


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