Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just random stuff

Frustrating morning.  This morning was supposed to be fun fun fun.  Micah had a costume and fall party at school.  They were to dress as a favorite book character.  I made this SUPER CUTE Skippyjon Jones costume for my blue eyed boy to wear.  He pranced around in it last night and the cuteness made me just giddy.  :)  Then stomach pains.  Then vomit.  From the 5 year old.  BIG bummer.  No school for him this morning.  This meant a few things that made me really emotional.
First, I forced my way through making his costume through a big headache I had yesterday.
This is NOT being worn for Halloween (he's long picked out Batman).
Granted this will get played in a lot...especially since both his sisters insisted I make them ears too so they could play Skippyjon's sisters.
Second, no parade.  I have pics and memories of the first 2 doing the same parade (in not nearly as cute or creative costumes).
Third, it also meant I had to miss Maressa's FIRST preschool party of which I am room mom (a position I've been coveting for years, but unable to commit with smaller siblings) and in charge of said party and craft.
I've NEVER missed a single preschool party for anyone thus far.
I was really crushed this morning.
Not to mention I was worried that Mar would be upset being the only child without a parent there.  Hubby rescued me though by driving 20 mins across town to be at her party for a short while and able to capture cutie pie songs they sing at the end.

I really have been growing in that I usually don't let myself get upset over things I cannot change.  
But I admit, I REALLY had a hard time with this one.

So let's move along, shall we?
This is the flower that my awesome 9 year old Zachary made for me after school yesterday.  He made it to make me feel better from the awful headache I was having.  He's super thoughtful!

This little star I picked up from Target dollar spot was much happier in canary yellow to put in my newly renovated cabinet.  :)

I am SO happy that I saw this post and took up the offer.  Canvas picture (11X14) for a whole $9.99 plus shipping.  The quality is AWESOME!!  It hangs happily in my dining room. 
Slowly, slowly the dining room is coming along.  I need some serious fabric in there echoes when there's not a huge pile of clean laundry on my dining room table (but let's face it, it rarely does NOT have laundry covering the table).  
Though right now it has my cutting board and fabric and pieces of homemade costumes.  :)

 Z's long baseball run (been playing straight since beginning of April) is about to come to an end.  
As much as I love it too, I'm grateful for the upcoming break.
This weekend is his last tournament.
Then two month break til practices begin again.


Krista said...

I'm sorry that happened! Totally disappointing. The costume you made is so adorable too. I love those books!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Do you have any pictures of the light over the dinning room table?

Deanna said...

Yanet, I posted a link to my chandelier on my latest post.

Krista, thanks for your comment! SJJ books are some of our very favs!


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