Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kids Crafts: Sparkly leaf magnets

Last week I had to come up with a simple craft for Maressa's preschool scarecrow party.  One simple enough for 3 year olds that hadn't been done yet in class.  I wanted to do this sweet sunflower craft, but apparently they had paper plate sunflowers already done and hanging in the classroom.
I found these thin wooden cutouts at Hobby Lobby.  We put self adhesive magnets on the back.  Then I brought markers for wood and sequins and a bunch of acrylic stones for them to glue to them.  I had plenty of leftovers so we did this craft at home as well.
For the little ones I just smeared glue allover the top of the leaf and let them place sequins and stones as they wanted.

We used buttons too.

Easy simple decorations they made for fall.  :)

Oh and someone asked if I had a picture of my dining room chandelier.  I have yet to do full pictures of my dining room yet (though I will soon!).  This is the chandelier I have.  I love it love it LOVE IT!  I saved and waited for a significant sale for a year or more to be able to buy this thing.  I never wavered that this was exactly what I wanted.  :)

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