Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bunting Bottle centerpiece/table decor

A few weeks ago I was asked to make some table centerpieces for a ladies retreat at church.
I needed to make 8 in specific colors for each table.
(Yellow is missing as the yellow table used my bunting for a craft later so I came home with just yellow bottles)
I started with all those coke bottles we drank at my last Christmas craft party.
I of course saved them all.
I gave them a nice coat of color with spray paint.
To make the bunting, I simply grabbed a bunch of my fabric scraps and folded pieces in half and cut the triangles (I used the first one as a template for the rest so they would all be the same size and shape).  Then I just sewed them all together along the top.
To anchor the bottles down a bit I poured rice down to the bottom to add a little weight.
Then I used clothespins to hang the bunting to the tops of the bottles.
How fun and simple would these be for parties?
Baby showers, wedding showers  or even weddings.

I love having them all on hand now in every color and can pull them out for a little decoration for all sorts of things.

Not to mention that the painted coke bottles would make great bud vases.


Jen @ My Own Road said...

Great idea, so pretty

zakkalife said...

I thought I left a comment here but I guess not. You bunting bottle centerpieces are darling. I shared a link to this post on twitter.

Deanna said...

Thanks Jessica. :)

Zakki said...

That's great post. I have shared your post on facebook

Unknown said...

Hello. What kind of paint is that?


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