Friday, April 27, 2012

Fruity Flavors Candied Popcorn

I found this popcorn recipe on pinterest.
It only requires 2 simple ingredients:  sweet condensed milk and jello.
I decided to make a big multi flavored batch to take to baseball tournament tomorrow.
It was easy.

We did cherry, blueberry and grape.

But I think I would do a few things differently.
I measured out 12 C of popcorn and it seemed to be roughly 2 bags of microwave popcorn.
I would use 3 bags next time personally (I would prefer them a little more lightly coated).
I would first toss the popcorn in the coating in a big giant bowl then dish out onto the greased baking sheet.
Also, when I tried to stir the first batch every 5 minutes it seemed to make the coating lumpy and mucky.
Then next batch I didn't stir at all, but just baked for 20 mins.
Also, note that if you put the popcorn to bake on aluminum foil, you need to immediately turn it out onto freshly greased aluminum foil to cool and harden.  Trust me on this one!

This is defintely yummy, and I should not be allowed to be near an open container of it for long periods of time.  :)


zakkalife said...

I've made popcorn with jello before but I don't think I've ever used condensed milk. I'm curious to try it out. It looks so pretty. Maybe I'll make it for our baseball game Saturday.

frogknits said...

I made this but my popcorn turned out really chewy and sticks to teeth. Did yours turn out crisp? Like regular caramel corn?

Deanna said...

If I remember some turned out more crispy and some really nasty chewy. I imagine it has to do with making the candy and getting it to the correct temp which I'm not great at. I think we really liked this fresh, but didn't like it later as much.


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