Monday, October 1, 2007

The Anatomy of a Bath

Bathtime. Ahhh it's such a tedious time of day in our house. I try to be as efficient as I can, but with four dirty gurties in need of some soap love, it can be quite time consuming. Now that Maressa has graduated to the 'big bath' I now do 2 separate baths...usually the older 2 in one (they like to play) and the younger 2 in another. But that is still 8 ears, 8 arms and legs, 4 noses and ears to clean and 4 heads to shampoo. And not to mention the older 3 get conditioner...yes even the boys since I tend to keep their longish. It helps with the combing (esp with Z's tender head) and believe it or not, it helps keep 'bedhead' under control between washings. Then when they are done bathing, etc. Then it's line up for drying, diapering (just M&M) and nail check (that's 80 nails to clip!!!!). And if they have 'white' on the bottom of their feet, they like me to slough it are just a little high maintenance!

Whew...tonight was bath night and I'm tired!!

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