Friday, November 30, 2007

Look at what I can do, mom!

Maressa's new tricks. This girl is now totally a mover 'n' shaker! She pulls up everywhere and 'stands' on her knees in the middle of the floor very steadily. Also means it is now impossible for the kids and I to play Sequence board game on the couch. She can also say 'uh-oh' and big sister taught her to clap yesterday. And now she loves to look at me and clap her chubby little hands and make a 'yay' kind of sound (mommy says YAY! when she claps).

And just now when I was editing this photo I took of her today, it reminded me of another picture I've seen. It was this one of her daddy:

Boy does she look like him!!! Not a lick of resemblence of me at all. But that's ok, I happen to find her daddy quite a cutie! ;)

Here are some more cutie pie pics of her as well.

Forgive the grainy pictures. I'm not sure why they are, but I've been pushing lots of buttons and messing around with my camera lately. I really need to spend more time with my manual!

Speaking of accomplishments, here are pics from Zachary's latest piano/music class recital.
He cracks me up that the stage and audience does not intimidate him or make him nervous at all. In the middle of his Jingle Bell solo (that he had memorized) he lost his place and casually looked behind him at his teacher and said 'can you tell me where I was at?' lol

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