Friday, November 30, 2007

Gifty type stuff

I made these apple prints on those flour sack towels you get in the kitchen towels section of Target. Simple simple to do! Cut an apple in half and dab with paint and press. Fill in seeds and stem with paintbrush. I did them all the way across the bottom.
Along with my harvest apple theme for this gift (a birthday gift for a friend) I included yummy apple spice muffins (recipe in this post), apple spice candle and spiced cider mix in a basket.

For a Christmas gift I plan to use the flour towel print idea and make a collection as a gift. I'm going to make one for every holiday (batty print for halloween, pumpkins for fall, turkeys, christmas trees, hearts, and cute Easter print--haven't decided what yet, anyway you get the idea). To make these I plan to use cookie cutters on potato halves to stamp them. :)

A cute kids gift idea I came across here. I plan to make some for Z and K. They are so into drawing and stories. Also hope to make some simple felt puppets like here in Land of Nod. How simple would these be to make?? :)

Haven't got much done in the way of gifts this week. Maressa has a cold and teeth coming in and not a real happy camper these days. Not much for sleeping and not much for being off of mommy.

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Anonymous said...

You're so talented! Loved looking at all your neat stuff.


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