Wednesday, January 16, 2008 baby's first game

Zachary's first organized sport. This was the first year we could sign him up. He was not too thrilled about the idea at first. Now he LOVES it! Everything about it. Practices, games, the uniform! lol Here he is warming up for their first game.
Here he is with the ball during the game. It was the cutest thing to watch these 5 and 6 yr old boys playing. The coaches, referees and audience reminding them constantly which direction they should be running. Our team even made a basket for the other. hehe So adorable to watch them cheer for each other and one kid always kept hugging his teammates when they actually made a basket. Now all Zachary wants to do even at home is play basketball. Course daddy is in heaven with that and plays with him all the time when he's home. I'm starting to miss the Go Fish and Sequence game nights. But glad they have something to bond with. Micah tries to get in on the action at home, but is confused and upset when Z is trying to block him or take the ball, so that part is not working out so great. :)

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The Woodalls said...

Nice jump shot, Zachary!


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