Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting organized!

Yep, new year and I'm jumping in the organizing bandwagon. I've been wanting to do this stuff forever, but made myself wait til after Christmas.
Just sharing some goodies I've found. Above I got the key hook/bulletin board/cubbie thing on clearance at Hobby Lobby. No more lost keys! Or coupons, or tickets, or mail, appointment cards, etc. :)

Speaking of, hanging things. One little tip I did along time ago is I stapled cork tiles to the inside of my computer armoire. Perfect place to stick notes, calendars and whatnot.
This little car organizer diddy I got from a catalog (one a friend's kid was selling from) but I've seen them in many. LOVE IT! Place for the tissue, package of wipes, package of little garbage sacks, Maressa's sling, few toys, etc. Hangs on the back of the passenger seat.
Last but not least this cabinet. $25 from Target. Blends in with my cherry colored furniture in the dining room. Perfect for storing the kids art/coloring supplies. They have a kid sized table of their own in the dining room that used to be cluttered with a stack of coloring books and buckets of crayons/chalk (they have a chalk wall by their table). Now a tidy little place to keep it all. They can find it and best of all they can clean it up themselves!
Here is the inside. Shoe boxes hold a plethora of crayons. Big basket holds sheets of paper and little basket holds erasers, scissors and stamps. Yellow zipper storage holds pages of stickers. If you like buckets, the silver one is simple a tin bucket from the painting aisle a Home Depot. Ahhh's a GOOD thing! :)

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