Thursday, February 28, 2008


We had spagetti of Zachary's favorites. And Maressa's too..

Maressa loves spagetti. She loves most meat and veggies. Not a huge fan of most fruits (weird child). Here's some photos of her enjoying her dinner. Even picking every tiny piece off her bib. lol

Speaking of dinner, I just love these sectioned kid plates. And all the plastic kid tableware I collected over the years from Walmart. They are durable, microwavable and dishwasher safe. I keep all our collection in a bottom drawer in the kitchen. Makes for easy access to all the kids.

So now in the mornings, not only do they get their own yogurt, but make their own bowls of cereal (Zachary and Kalla will make one for Micah.) So by the time we get up (my 3 oldest children get up at about 6am every morning), they have had most of their breakfast! Nice! They were using the cute little plastic knives to spread cream cheese on their (non-toasted) bagels. Til we found that Kalla would just eat all the cream cheese straight out of the container.

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