Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kookie Cookie Cat

And her friends. I made these wacky looking animals for the kids the other day. Middle is pink Cookie Cat and brown puppy and black bear. They are inspired by this unsightly orange cat that Kalla brought home from preschool last month.
The original Cookie Cat. This cat is given to each child to take turns to take home for a weekend. We are supposed to journal his/her stay with us and read a book called Cookie's Week. I can't tell you how excited K gets when it's her turn. So I decided that this simply made kitty could be duplicated (in K's fav color of course!) as a surprise. And of course being the all wise mother of four, knew that Z and M would want one too. So I came up with the puppy (for M) and bear for Z. They were all so excited as stuffed things in this house are highly treasured items.

They are really more like pillows. I made them with baby wale corduroy and felted features. It was a satisfying project that was mostly done during my 'wind down' time on the couch in the evenings.

Now just to get their Easter bunnies done! Post on that soon!

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