Saturday, March 29, 2008

We've crashed

Our computer appears to be dead. I'm not sure when we will be up and running. Matt brings his laptop home every few days so I can check email, etc. The main thing is I can't download pics from my camera. So I won't be posting much til we get fixed. :( I have so many things on there to share, like Easter dresses. But by the time I get back maybe the playroom will be painted and I can share my latest projects. If you are one to stop by regularly, but would rather just know when I'm back, you can sign up for email at the end of the blog...I think it's a 'subscribe to feed' button or something. I'm not subscribed to any of the blogs I haunt daily as I prefer to just go the old fashioned way. ;)

Hopefully will be back soon!!


Unknown said...


Thankfully, I've subscribed to you in Bloglines, so I guess I'll know when you're back up & running! Can't wait to see your latest projects.

Jaime (J-J&L from BW)

Punky N Munky said...

Oh bummer! Hope you get it all worked out soon! I love checking up on what you are doing! I may have to try that subscription thing. I do it all the old fashioned way too!



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