Monday, April 21, 2008

Crafting for little girls

We went to a birthday party this weekend for a 7yr old friend. This is what I whipped up to give as a gift. Doll, purse, button bracelet, button clippie and some Hello Kitty stickers and chapstick.
This doll was such a fun craft!! This is a Black Apple doll as seen on Martha and you can get template and instructions here. She doesn't mention it on the website, but I happened to catch this one on the show and the creator suggested a little bit of rice in the bottom of the body as it helps it sit. Also a great tip she mentioned on the show was to trace the arms and legs on fabric and do NOT cut them out til sewn. I simply used disappearing fabric marker to trace them and then sewed along the lines. Worked much easier than dealing with skinny pieces to sew.
This was a vintage Martha idea. Button bracelets. This idea was found in one of her Martha Kids mags that I collected years ago. So simple to make with buttons and clear elastic for making bracelets. You can find little bags of buttons at craft/sewing stores in brights and pastels.
This is a little purse for carrying the little girl essentials. Long strap to wear across the chest for easy carrying. I just made up my pattern. It's sitting a little wonky in this pic but it's a small little curved bottom purse. Velcro closure.
These are simple clippies. Alligator clips covered in skinny grosgrain ribbon, then buttons or padded appliques glued on. Also can add a little bling to the middles if you like. You can find so many sweet and cute appliques for this type of clippie here on ebay. I'm terrible at doing bows (I gave up on them years ago), but love to make cutsie clips for K.

If you are going to make clippies as a gift, take some cardstock and cut out a rectangle with a small slit in the center and it makes a nice presentation for the clippie as in my first picture. Plus they don't get lost in the gift as easily. :)

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Punky N Munky said...

Adorable!! Love the tip for sewing the arms and legs!!!


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