Monday, April 28, 2008

Growing up II

This past weekend we had a 'Big Boy' party for Micah. He will be 3 at the end of June and starting to potty train, so we decided it was time to say goodbye to the pacis at bedtimes.
In exchange for cupcakes, ice cream and a present he had to deposit all the remaining pacis in the garbage. He did that happily and then dug into his cupcake.
I got this tee ball set for his present. This also helped with the disputes of using big brother's tee set when Z would practice at home. He loves it of course. But so does Kalla. And now M has a nice shiner above his eye from where his big sister clocked him in the head with the bat from being careless with it.

As for the bedtimes sans paci, it's been difficult. Last night being night #2, the crying only lasted maybe 10 minutes. The first night was the roughest. I think we are about to be over the hump.

Maressa is finally walking all over the place. Frankenstein careful in her steps. This last week she's picked up the speed a bit indoors and I still am not used to that tiny barefooted stomping noise through the house. I look up to see what is coming and it's cutie bald one with a concentrated look on her face. :)
She also loves pushing sister's strollers. Kalla is kind enough to share and even put a baby in them for her.
And no, still no more hair.

Kalla's continued obsession is her baby doll. But poor Maressa Too has the 'flute' and will have it forever evidently. But she still gets out as often as Kalla does. But at home she sleeps a lot on the couch or tucked in her bed with the light off and sound machine off. Shhhhhh.....the doll is sleeping.

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The Woodalls said...

Congrats, Micah!! I know it's hard to grow up!

And, way to go, Maressa! You'll have Mommy running around chasing you all summer now!



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