Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Behind the dugout

Going to Z's tball games have been far easier than trying to entertain the other three in a gymnasium on crowded bleachers with all our coats and stuff during his basketball games this past winter.

I keep this little bag in the car. It contains small pails, shovels, rakes and plastic dinosaurs and other misc stuff.

So the other three spend their time digging,
making new friends,
playing with dinosaurs. And a good time is has by all. And I get to actually watch some of the game!

This last game we found our space in a grassy field behind the dugout. Every time I see these little white flowers, I am reminded of being a little girl and making lots of bracelets and crowns and necklaces with them. Kalla has no interest in wearing any kind of bracelets or necklaces so I made one for me anyway. :)

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