Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dangerous Cookies

I just tried this recipe off of Top Secret Recipes the other day. It's their Mrs Field's Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. Fantastic! These are so YUM!! I don't really know if they taste like Mrs. Fields or not, but they are really good! I highly recommend this recipe. I didn't do any altering myself, except I didn't have enough choc chips, so I cut up some chunks from a semi sweet baking bar. Very chocolaty!
While I'm talking about cookies, I thought I'd share my very favorite things for making cookies. Mostly the stone. I don't bake cookies on anything but. Makes for very even baking and wonderfully crisp edges. And I love my pampered chef bowl. It has measurements along the side and comes with a handle and a lid. So when I didn't have time to finish my cookies the other day I simply put the lid on and popped it in the fridge. Now I just need to get a scoop for making perfectly round cookies. :)

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