Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playful Decorating

This is our playroom. So far painted and bookshelves done and pillows made. Still needs to be done: finish painting top moulding, carpet replaced, ceiling fan and brassy door knobs replaced, order new media stand (just the stand in white) and finish my wreath.
This is what I started with. This pic is from when we moved in. It's a lovely room as far as size and layout goes (just needs to be updated). The dining room overlooks it with a half wall in between. It has door out to the deck and the far door on the right is my sewing/craft room!
Here are closeups of my built ins. I painted them white and replaced all the hardware with silver. For storage and decorating I used various baskets and galvanized pails ($6 at Home Depot). I will eventually paint little squares on the pails with chalkboard paint and label them. I used a glass canister to display/house marbles. Pails store various kid games and cards.
The other side has some toys, board games and canvas storage of various building blocks.

My decorating style is very casual and clean. This room is the most 'cluttered' as it holds 90% of all the kids toys (they are in the cabinets below and the half wall I didn't show has a wooden kitchen set, kid sized upholstered rocking chair and canvas playhouse.) This is also our only tv room.

I'll take more photos when it is truely done....but it might not be til next year! lol There is still more needed to do to the rooms I started on last year: mine, kids bath and Kalla's! :)

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Unknown said...

that looks very nice!! i think i had the same carpeting in my house when we first moved in!!


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