Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teacher Appreciation

Or these could be Mother's Day gifts. :) Here is a sample of what we are making the kids' teachers. This is a candy bar topiary. All you need is a styrofoam cone, dowel, styrofoam circle, terra cotta pot and candy. First put a sturdy tape over hole in bottom of pot. Then put styrofoam circle tightly in the bottom. Cut dowel to size with small hack saw. Push one end of dowel into bottom of pot and circle, other end in cone. Then hot glue mini candy bars to cone til covered. Put more (I used hershey kisses) in the pot to cover circle. Tie pretty ribbon and attach note "Thanks for being so sweet!" This is a fun project that the kids can help with.

Another cute gift is a pot with flower pens. My mom made this one for me years ago.

I've made these before for friends' gifts and they are super easy and would be great for teachers and moms too. I still use my flower pens and you know what, I've not lost a single one. We always know where they go back (plus hubby would never use them and they would never get 'accidentally' pocketed! ;) Years later only one pen has died. Anyway here's how to make:

Need~pot, black dry beans, floral tape, silk flowers, pkg of inexpensive pens and wire cutters (or scissors you don't mind cutting wire with). Tape hole in pot and fill 1/2 or 3/4 with beans. Remove caps from pens and discard. Cut flowers til only 3-4 inches of wire stem is left. Hold wire to pen with flower touching top of pen and use flower tape to hold it on. wind tape all the way down the pen til entire pen is covered. And your done. Stick pens, point down in pot. Fill with 5-6 flower pens for a bouquet. Large flowers work best for this project.

And one last flower pot project idea. I did this one last year.

These pots I spray painted white and then I let the kids paint them. Then I traced their hands on cardstock and wrote the words 'you are the best teacher hands down.' Then let the kids sign the hands too. We glued the hands to popsicle sticks and stuck them in a baggie of M&M's inside the pot.

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