Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mama's magic closet

My kids have great imaginations. And I am admitted craft pack rat. But at least lately it's come in handy.
It's not just enough for Zachary to have built a 4 bedroom house with a yard and pool on Webkinz for his Woof Woof, but he feels the need to have a luxury condo for him as well in real life.
With my help, his little husky now has his own terry cloth dog bed (made from scraps in my sewing room) a blanket, dog bowl complete with kibble (pom poms) and bones (cut from foam sheets).
Zachary has decorated the whole outside and inside there is a loft which is Woof Woof's bedroom. he even has a mailbox made from the bottom half of a crayon box. Of course Z send hims letters and pictures all the time.
The latest is he commissioned me to help him make a back yard oasis. Trees with a hammock (red duct tape) and gold fish pond. And yesterday I finally complied with his request (after much harassment from my 6 year old) for Woof Woof his own cape complete with snaps (he requested snaps so he could take it on and off himself, unlike the previous stuffed animals capes that have been tied on.)

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